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Class of 2020 - LLC: Spanish Studies

Herter Hall at UMass Amherst

Celebrating Seniors 
in Spanish & Catalan Studies

Celebrating UMass Amherst Seniors in Spanish & Catalan Studies | Class of 2020

Albert Lloret

Director, Spanish & Catalan Studies

A Message to our Students.


The Spanish & Catalan Studies Program teaches communication skills while exposing students to the integrative and cross-disciplinary literatures and cultures from the Spanish-speaking world and provides in-depth instruction in one of the most widely-spoken languages globally. The rapidly growing populations and increasing prominence of its speakers illustrate the value of knowledge about these diverse cultures and how their ideas and accomplishments have shaped the global community.

We have aimed to pass on to you the intellectual benefits gained from comprehensive knowledge of these diverse cultures, which have contributed greatly to the ideas, values and accomplishments that have profoundly shaped the global community.

Spanish and Catalan Studies, Class of 2020

  • Victoria Abramchuk
  • Hannah Rose Alongi
  • Ashley Mae Antonellis
  • Collin Philip Bardwell
  • Bridget Catherine Bogan
  • Molly Christina Champagne
  • Michaela Jillian Chesin
  • Lily Rosalyn Clemente
  • Emma Cosaboom
  • Naeemah Akili Davis
  • Andra Elizabeth Dean
  • Mary Kathryn Deighan
  • Anna Jean Dennis
  • Kitzia Evadney Diaz
  • Olivia Kathryn Dimarzo
  • Allison Kimberly Ebb
  • Somtoo Ifunanya Ebele
  • Allison Marie Greve
  • Siobhan Herr
  • Amber Rose Hughes
  • Charlotte Duhamel Ide
  • Sean Gormley Tobias Kelley
  • Nicholas Khuu
  • James Samuel Kostick
  • Daria Krechevsky Lipsitt
  • Ashley Lopez Dishmey
  • Myranda Marotta
  • Joclynn Haley Martinez
  • Adrelys Mateo Santana
  • Julia Mathis
  • Jordan Kristopher McCarthy
  • Meghan Elizabeth McCarthy
  • Brynn Paul McGonagle
  • Molly McGuigan
  • Marisa Eleanor Mulvey
  • Michaelah Noelle Nunes
  • Alexis Nicole Oliver
  • Cassidy Johanna Pipino
  • Cameron Andrew Pozark
  • Kelibeth Yali Resto-Albelo
  • Ashley Nichole Rice
  • Yeraldo Andres Rodriguez Rosario
  • Victoria Luciana Sanchez
  • Zachary Sheola
  • Ivana Wanda Sosa
  • Nathalia Roxana Suazo Matta
  • Jonah Swotes
  • Matthew Nicholas Tabola
  • Ayla Jenae Thorntona
  • Joseph Charles Toomey
  • Luke Anders Worthington
  • Michaela Judith Zelandi

The names on this page were compiled by the Registrar’s Office in late April identifying those eligible to participate in Commencement 2020. Given the number and evolving status of many prospective graduates, mistakes and omissions may have occurred. Please accept our assurances that being listed or not has no bearing on a student's official graduation status. If a name has been misspelled, misplaced, or omitted, contact the Registrar's Office. This list includes primary and secondary majors and students who have earned multiple degrees.