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Class of 2020 - LLC: French and Francophone Studies

Herter Hall at UMass Amherst

Celebrating Seniors
in French and Francophone Studies

Celebrating UMass Amherst Seniors in French & Francophone Studies | Class of 2020

Philippe Baillargeon

Director, French & Francophone Studies

A Message to our Students.


French and Francophone Studies melds mastery of the language with the study of French and francophone intellectual traditions: literature; culture; and the history of France, French Canada, and francophone countries in Europe, Africa and the Caribbean. Language competence is enhanced by knowledge of the dynamic cultural traditions and their complex relations with other countries and cultures.

Our interdisciplinary, globally-focused program explores the language, literature, and culture of French and francophone civilizations of the world. 

French and Francophone Studies, Class of 2020

  • Ellen Memmott Burton
  • Camille Annabel Suzanne Perbost
  • Rafael Rojas III
  • Ava Gillian Siegel
  • Ava Urkevic
  • Junee Yang

The names on this page were compiled by the Registrar’s Office in late April identifying those eligible to participate in Commencement 2020. Given the number and evolving status of many prospective graduates, mistakes and omissions may have occurred. Please accept our assurances that being listed or not has no bearing on a student's official graduation status. If a name has been misspelled, misplaced, or omitted, contact the Registrar's Office. This list includes primary and secondary majors and students who have earned multiple degrees.