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Class of 2020 - Linguistics

Integrative Learning Center

Celebrating Seniors
in Linguistics

Celebrating UMass Amherst Seniors in Linguistics | Class of 2020

Joe Pater

Professor & Chair, Department of Linguistics

From The Chair

Reimagine a Better Future.

Our department is internationally recognized as a major, global center for work in theoretical, experimental, and field linguistics. As we have helped you develop as linguists, you have become attuned to language as a complex product of the human mind, its development, how it changes over time, and how it is used in human society.

Linguistics is a field that continually evolves as it advances our understanding of human language. Your keen abilities in analysis, adaptive thinking, and your deep understanding of human universals and diversity will allow you to play an important role in reimagining and rebuilding a better future.

Department of Linguistics, Class of 2020

  • Kelsey Jeanne Akin
  • Chase Amaral
  • Hannah Babineau
  • Nicolas John Bango
  • Bridgette Lynn Bauer
  • Rachel Elizabeth Bialik
  • Molly Christina Champagne
  • Allison Chen
  • Carmen Chen
  • Milan Clark
  • Yicun Deng
  • Robyn Fitzgibbons
  • Margaret Elizabeth Gehm
  • Maria Grace Girardin
  • Alexander Ford Griffith
  • Connor Dean Harmelink
  • Theodor August Honigmann
  • Theodor August Honigmann
  • Jimmy Joachim
  • Risa Komatsu
  • Nok Fung Lee
  • Yiding Mao
  • Anna Kresl Moffat
  • Christian Jorge Muxica
  • Elizabeth A. Nisayas
  • Desmond McCarthy O'Halloran
  • Melanie Ortiz
  • Tessa Patapoutian
  • Tyler Marshall Poisson
  • Hadley Nicole Pope
  • Elise Puschett
  • Michaela Marie Rivard
  • Russell Ross Ronalds
  • Linnea Caroline Ross
  • Victoria Luciana Sanchez
  • Ian Robert Carr Scherer
  • Sarah Rose Scully
  • Liat Meeyun Shapiro
  • Noah Sullivan
  • Austin Ralph Eugene Tero
  • Christina Verrone
  • Andrew Wang
  • William Yanwei Zou

The names on this page were compiled by the Registrar’s Office in late April identifying those eligible to participate in Commencement 2020. Given the number and evolving status of many prospective graduates, mistakes and omissions may have occurred. Please accept our assurances that being listed or not has no bearing on a student's official graduation status. If a name has been misspelled, misplaced, or omitted, contact the Registrar's Office. This list includes primary and secondary majors and students who have earned multiple degrees.