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Class of 2020 - History of Art and Architecture

South College on the UMass Amherst campus

History of Art and Architecture Seniors

Celebrating UMass Amherst Art History Seniors | Class of 2020

Laetitia La Follette

Professor & Chair, Department of the History of Art & Architecture

From The Chair

Insight into experience.

Students graduating with a degree from the History of Art and Architecture Department have solid foundations in the history of Western art and architecture from the ancient world to the present, and an extensive grounding in non-Western artistic traditions. Having learned how to analyze works of art and how to understand and interpret them in relation to the historical, cultural, and social context in which they were made, graduates are equipped with skills in critical thinking, writing, and analysis.

As students of art history, you know art's role in heartening social action, enriching cultural exchange, and negotiationg cultural and political boundaries. Now more than ever, we need your understanding of how humankind is driven to create and persist through challenges.

Department of History of Art and Architecture, Class of 2020

  • Julia Bender
  • Edward Joseph Cipullo
  • Nicholas P. Fernacz
  • Sarahanne Fairbank Hurtig
  • Nicolette Marie Joma
  • Paul Michael Oberheim
  • Cinzia Sarafina Presti
  • Natalie Anne Richards
  • Brendan Robinson
  • Hannah Renee Saleeba
  • Kaitlyn Marie Swarthout
  • Sierra Nika Thumann
  • Andrea Lynn Whalen

The names on this page were compiled by the Registrar’s Office in late April identifying those eligible to participate in Commencement 2020. Given the number and evolving status of many prospective graduates, mistakes and omissions may have occurred. Please accept our assurances that being listed or not has no bearing on a student's official graduation status. If a name has been misspelled, misplaced, or omitted, contact the Registrar's Office. This list includes primary and secondary majors and students who have earned multiple degrees.