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Class of 2020

South College on the UMass Amherst campus

CLASS OF 2020!

Congratulations to the College of Humanities and Fine Arts Class of 2020!

Julie C. Hayes

Former Dean Julie C. Hayes's address to the Class of 2020.

From The Dean

You've Got This!

The College of Humanities and Fine Arts brings together scholars and artists from a wide range of disciplines, but we all share common traits. You are the makers, the storytellers, the visionaries, the thinkers. You know that big ideas have the power to change the world. You are driven to intepret our past, examine our present, contemplate tomorrow, and understand what makes humankind tick. You believe in the values of justice, compassion, beauty, and hope.

More than ever, the world needs you. We couldn't be prouder of the HFA Class of 2020, and we can't wait to see what you accomplish.

Below, we've gathered video messages from department chairs and program directors. Scroll down to click through to your major (or majors), where you will hear their well-wishes and be listed among your fellow seniors.

Faces of the HFA Advising & Career Center

From the Advising & Career Center

You're going places!

Throughout your time at UMass Amherst, we've endeavored to be your partners as you worked toward personal and academic success. For us to say we are impressed with your acheivement, acceptance, and adaptiveness would be an understatement.

We'd say, "Make us proud!" But you already have.


Caroline Gould, Director of Career Development Services
Kara Eich-Richardson, Professional Academic Advisor
Nikki Stoia, Assoc. Dean for Undergraduate Education & Director of HFA Advising & Career Center
Peggy Garceau, Academic Records Auditor
Sandra Pirrello, Assistant Dean, Director of Advising
Darlene Baptiste, Secretary to Academic Deans
Patricia Gubitosi, Assistant Dean, Advising
Eshwar Shanker, Professional Academic Advisor
Marcia Roth Tucci, Professional Academic Advisor
Nancy Noble, Assistant Dean, Advising
Dylan Larke, Director of Student Success and Engagement
Lisa Blacher, Assistant Director of Career Development Services

Listed as pictured left to right, top to bottom.

Departments & Programs

W.E.B. Du Bois Department of Afro-American Studies
Department of the History of Art and Architecture
Department of Judaic and Near Eastern Studies
Department of Languages, Literatures & Cultures
Department of Music and Dance: Music Program
Department of Music and Dance: Dance Program
Department of Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies