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BFA Thises Exhibition - Fall 2023


December 4 - 9, 2023
Opening Reception: Monday, Dec. 4th, 4 - 6 pm

The University of Massachusetts Department of Art is pleased to announce the Reminiscence by Angel Gnobo, 
a Fall 2023 BFA Thesis Exhibition to be held at Herter Art Gallery.

Angel Gnobo, an Ivorian artist, who uses traditional art materials to explore the relationship between childhood memories, nostalgia, and cultural influences. She believes that family and personal growth are represented through her work and that childhood memories should be celebrated and kept for generations. Her artwork, which shines a light on her own journey through life, is an attempt to capture the life stories of her family and those closest to her. Using traditional tools such as pastels, twine, brushes, paints, and kete prints, Angel creates works that speak to the cultural identity of her family, and her artwork is a narrative that honors and shares her family history, growth, and experiences. Her art bridges past and present, hand painting each piece with a sense of nostalgia, warmth, and joy, all while keeping the memories alive.

Artist bio:

Angel Gnobo is a multimedia artist based in Massachusetts. Her early works contain themes such as spirituality, biblical analogy, emotional traumas, and childhood and repressed memories.
She uses painting, photography, drawing, and videography to express these themes. Her current work still contains these multi-mediums, but with a different concept she calls “the strings are the paint, leading your eyes.” She graduated with an associate degree in ‘Science in Art’ at Greenfield Community College. She was nominated to display one of her first-ever creations “The Veil” at the state house in Boston Massachusetts. She is currently a student at the University of Amherst aiming for her BFA.