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Floating, Drowning, Treading Water: Experiences in Quarantine

Floating, Drowning, Treading Water: Experiences in Quarantine is a group exhibition curated by the UMASS Amherst Department of Art BFA class of 2021. The exhibition examines how each student handled the chaos of the 2020 Coronavirus quarantine. Floating, Drowning, Treading Water: Experiences in Quarantine features work that explores the experience of quarantine or that were created during the initial six months of quarantine. Each artist has categorized their quarantine experience as “floating,” “drowning,” or “treading water.”


Visitors to Herter Art Gallery are required to maintain posted social distancing protocols and wear a mask at all times. The gallery is open Mondays and Fridays from 1:00-3:00 p.m., Thursdays from 2:00-4:00 p.m. and by appointment. To enter the building, please call the gallery at (413) 545-0976. 


This exhibition was made possible with generous support from the UMass Arts Council and the College of Humanities and Fine Arts. The exhibition and reception are free and open to the public as well as to all Five College students, faculty, and staff. For further questions, please contact the gallery at



Phone: (413) 545-0976