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BFA Thesis Exhibitions - Sylvia Officer

BFA Thesis Exhibitions

Sylvia Officer

The University of Massachusetts Department of Art is pleased to announce the BFA Thesis Exhibition to be held at Herter Art Gallery from December 1 - 10, 2022

The multimedia work titled Nally Ave by Sylvia Officer is an art piece born out of a passion for storyboarding in the animation industry. The artist finds the most interest in storytelling and thus storyboarding is her desired medium of work. The artists wanted to practice, experiment, and design a hands-on learning experience of the animation pipeline with a large emphasis on storyboarding. Throughout this process,  she learned the importance of each step of the professional pipeline from camera angles, timing shots, designing a world, and the importance of color theory. All of these elements together create an immersive experience, thus all steps of the process are included in its gallery display. 

The storyline itself is based around the memories her father would tell of his childhood. The artist held a large interest in her father's past as they both grew up in the same house in the same town. This made each story more personal since, despite the house being repaired, most of the property is in the same format. Oftentimes, her father and his older brother would play war games, glorifying being a soldier. This type of play was largely different from what the artist experienced growing up where barely anyone played war. A large difference between generational culture was evident, it pushed the artist to theorize what her father would be like in war; would he regret glorifying war playtime as a child. From there the story idea for Nally Ave was born.