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BFA Thesis Exhibitions - Molly O'Neill

BFA Thesis Exhibition

Molly O'Neill

The University of Massachusetts Department of Art is pleased to announce the BFA Thesis Exhibition to be held at Herter Art Gallery from December 1 - 10, 2022

My work mostly comes from memory, relating to experiences and sights I have. The most common themes in my work directly come from nature, the naturally occurring shapes and colors directly inspire me, and man-made buildings and roads. These two juxtapose each other naturally, so they make for very interesting contrasts within the works I make. The world around us, every thing, every line, and every experience we see in our subconscious can be translated (and is) into our work. 

I would explain my work as being both quiet and loud, anxious and calm, smooth and rough, emotional and unfeeling, simple and complex. The compositions fight with themselves and others, it is a confusing mess to take in. My work is ironic. I am a closed book, I like to give as little information as possible, to not draw attention to or be seen, and yet my work is the exact opposite of this; loud, colorful, headache-inducing mess. My work is chaotic, it begs the viewer to make sense of it, as it relates to the dysfunctional nature of life itself. I like creating problems for myself to fix and making myself choose the hardest way to solve them.