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Yasmin was raised to be responsible and earn good grades, so when she became pregnant at the age of 15, she was afraid that her mother would be angry. Instead, her mother cried and hugged her when she found out. Now a single mother of two, Yasmin is trying her best to be a good parent. “I go on trips with them, I show them half of the world. Also love, just like my mom showed me,” she says.

Video Transcript

I was raised to be responsible, and earn things I wanted. In my household, we had to bring good grades. It was more like the 70’s type, but a little bit much better. I can’t forget I was spoiled as well. But most important is that my mom always believes in having family time. Our last family trip was one of the best trips ever. We did all kinds of stuff—tours of reality TV shows, aquarium, and the most beautiful fall. Growing up I was sad. The day I had my own kids, I’m gonna do the same things with them.

Years passed, and I’m 15 and pregnant. I was scared my mom would hit me, but she didn’t. She just cried and hugged me, I gave birth to a premature baby. I couldn’t believe what I had in my arms was mine. I just couldn’t wait to do all family things, with my own. It was rough at first, but I managed to do it.

I was 17, and a mother of two boys. I had my mom, she was really supportive. But I did my job as a mother, alone. All I’m doing is giving them the best out of me and how it is important to give time to your family. I go on trips with them, I show them half of the world. Also love, just like my mom showed me.I had a great and wonderful childhood, and now I show it to mines, but more better than what I had, cause my mom always said, “You do the same, but better.”