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Video Transcript

I was a prisoner in my own house. I couldn’t go out. Even socializing with friends had become an issue. My family expected me to adapt to the lifestyle of their country. But all I wanted to do was be a teenager and express my feelings. I wanted my family to accept the boy I had fallen in love with. I wanted to be with him without any fear. But that wasn’t the story. When my family found out I was going out with him, they took me out of school and held me hostage in my own house. I crossed the line when I put my foot down to gain freedom. Just one phone call away to 911, I made it out there and made my way around to be with my boyfriend. It wasn’t easy.

When I left, I had different emotions running through my head. I had hope because there was light at the end of the tunnel. I made it. It was awesome when I moved in with my boyfriend. Before I could only see him an hour here or there. I had to lie. I hated that. Now I have unlimited access to him. I can talk to him without a time limit. I don’t have to ask permission to do everything. Being with him kept me alive, though I was dying inside. Because the one and only family that I’ve had and known had disowned me.

Two months after living with my boyfriend, I found out I was pregnant. Even though we were both scared, my boyfriend had mixed feelings because we weren’t stable. When my family found out they weren’t willing to understand because of their beliefs. I can’t wait to live my life with this miracle that is living inside of me, but I wish my mom and family would join me in this journey.