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Joan was nervous about her how son would cope with the arrival of his little brother. She was also worried she wouldn’t love her baby as much as she loved her first son. But when she gave birth to, her worries melted away. Her oldest son immediately showered his little brother with kisses. “It was the best feeling in the world, the most gorgeous moment of my life,” she says.

Video Transcript

Nervous about how he would act, thoughts going through my head: would he be angry because I have always said he was my baby? Would he be jealous because we was always close and now my attention would go to the baby? Or, would he be excited and happy to be a big brother? Anxiously waiting for my parents to bring my oldest son to meet his baby brother. I was scared that I wouldn’t treat Jacob as good as I treated my first one, Junior. I talked to my friends and asked “how does it feel to have treated your first son so good that you won’t know what you will feel towards your new baby?” My friends told me that was normal, and I felt like “really?” I know I asked a lot of times because I felt like it wasn’t normal. They all told me, “Girl, I feel the same way.” And then, when I saw my baby, I started loving him when I first saw him.

I still remember that day. Elvin came through those big brown doors. I gave him a kiss and said how much I missed him, and introduced him to his baby brother, Jacob. He said, “That’s Jacob, mommy?” “He came out of your belly?” I laughed and said, “Yes, baby. That’s Jacob.” He replied, “Yay, I want to play with him.” He kept staring at him and telling every doctor that came into the room that he is now a big brother. I could tell he was super excited. He gave him plenty kisses. That moment melt my heart. It was the best feeling in the world, the most gorgeous moment of my life. And to think I worried that I wouldn’t be able to love them both the same. I can’t live without my two handsome boys and my soon-to-be husband by my side.