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When her boyfriend had a dream that she was pregnant and asked her to take a pregnancy test, Ixia wasn’t worried because she was on birth control. She was shocked when several tests came back positive, and became worried about what her mother would say. But to her surprise, her mother was happy for her. “Please be there for my daughter,” her mother said to her boyfriend. “Don’t ever turn your back. I don’t want what happened to me to happen to her.

Video Transcript

One morning, my boyfriend wakes up, so excited, because he dreamt I was pregnant. He asked his mom for money for a pregnancy test. That afternoon, my mom drops me off at his house. He grabs my hand, takes me to the bathroom, gives me the box. I say, “Do you remember I’m on birth control?” But in less than a minute, it shows positive. So does the second one. All I can think about is my mom.

The next day I go to the nurse. The test she gives me is positive, along with the two others I take right after. She tells me she needs the rest for the other girls. I asked her to write a letter to my mom. At the end of the day, I go straight home. I don’t speak to no one. After a week of silence, my mom comes into my room and says, (in Spanish) “You’ve been sleeping all these days. What’s going on?” I look at her, take a deep breath in. My hands are hot and sweaty, I start swallowing hard, I lift my mattress and and take out all 5 pregnancy tests. And the note. My mom laughs, and then she gets quiet. (In Spanish) “No, you are not pregnant, you’re on birth control! Hurry up and dress up, we’re going to the hospital to have you checked. The only way I’m going to believe it is by ultrasound.” While we wait at the hospital, I call my boyfriend. He gets there in 10 minutes. It’s really awkward. We sit together, all quiet. Then they call me in. Put that blue gel on my stomach. He’s so little, only 2 weeks and a day along. I had never seen anything like it. My mom starts crying, but she’s not sad. She hugs my boyfriend, and tells him, “Please be there for my daughter. Don’t ever turn your back. I don’t want what happened to me to happen to her.” He says, “I promise I will be there for her and my baby.” And he has been.