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Carmen was 20-years-old when she had her baby. She often feels judged for being a young parent because people say hurtful comments and expect young mothers to be ignorant about life simply because of their age. “Bringing a baby into this world isn’t about age or money,” she says. “It’s about love. It’s about being the best mommy.”

Video Transcript

Don’t hold her legs too high when changing her diaper. You’re gonna hurt her back. Oh my god, hold up her head. Girls like her at 14 or 13, thinking about having kids when they can’t even shower themselves? This is what I heard all the time, when I was just doing my own thing. I remember thinking, first of all when I was pregnant I was 20. I just looked younger. And even if I was younger, I don’t think many teen moms think about having kids. Most of the time, it’s very unexpected and unplanned. I feel like teen moms are often judged because being younger than 30, you’re expected to live with your parents and unable to afford a baby. Some people just make those hurtful comments and expect us not to know anything about life and being a mom, just because we’re young. Bringing a baby into this world isn’t about age or money. It’s about love. It’s about being the best mommy. Playing with her even when I want to relax at the end of the day. Or giving her attention, even when she decides to wake up at 4 in the morning and cry. And the most important thing to me? Is giving my baby the love and care she needs and deserves..