UMass sponsored childcare subsidies for student parents

UMass sponsored childcare subsidies for student parents

If you are a UMass student caring for a school aged child and need help with expenses for paid childcare (including daycare, before/after school, school vacation care, and summer care) you should consider applying for a childcare subsidy. UMass Amherst students can apply for subsidies through three different childcare subsidy programs - GEO, GSS and SPP CCAMPIS. 

The Graduate Employee Organization (GEO) child care subsidy program provides subsidies for school-age dependent care to income eligible UMass graduate student employees working in a GEO-eligible position. 

The Graduate Student Senate (GSS) subsidy program provides subsidies to income eligible graduate students with children under age 12. On-line graduate program and continuing education graduate students are not eligible for GSS subsidies. The GSS subsidy is unique in that some funds are set aside for licensed, documented childcare expenses and some are set aside as grants to support low income graduate student parents regardless of childcare arrangements. 

The Student Parent Programs (SPP) CCAMPIS subsidy program provides subsidies for child care to income eligible undergraduate and graduate students (including in-state undergraduate students enrolled in the University Without Walls degree completion program.) The CCAMPIS subsidy program is unique in that once you are accepted into the program, funding can continue with you while you complete your degree, so long as your eligibility does not change. In addition, the program pairs you with a dedicated staff member to connect you with additional resources and support to help you focus on your educational goals.

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Visit the Student Parent Programs webpage ( for more information about the SPP CCAMPIS Program and links to the SPP online undergraduate and graduate student child care subsidy applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a childcare subsidy?

A childcare subsidy is funding for student parents to help pay for eligible childcare expenses. It is not a loan - student parents who are approved for funding will either receive money directly as a reimbursement for a portion of documented expenses or payment will be made directly to your childcare provider. The method depends upon which subsidy program you are receiving funding from. The Graduate Student Senate (GSS) and the Graduate Employee Organization (GEO) subsidy programs reimburse students directly. Student Parent Programs’ CCAMPIS subsidies are generally paid directly to the childcare provider through monthly invoices.

How do I know if I am eligible for a childcare subsidy?

Eligibility criteria are specific to each subsidy program but all have criteria based on income - we try to give the highest possible reimbursements to applicants who fall in the lowest income levels. All three subsidy programs (with the exception of the GSS portion that is distributed as a family grant) also require documentation of childcare expenses and require that the childcare provider is licensed or accredited. You can review the attached documents for specific income criteria for GSS and GEO awards - SPP income eligibility is the same as Pell grant income eligibility. If you need help with childcare expenses, it’s worth applying for a subsidy to see if you qualify.

Which subsidy program should I apply for?

If you are a graduate student and have a GEO eligible position, you should apply to all three subsidy programs. The SPP CCAMPIS awards are made first, so if you do not receive a CCAMPIS subsidy you may still be eligible for GSS and GEO subsidies. You may receive a subsidy via GSS for a portion of your expenses and another from GEO for a portion of the remaining expenses not covered by GSS. If you are a graduate student but not in a GEO eligible position, you will apply to CCAMPIS and GSS subsidy programs. 

If you are an undergraduate student, you will apply to the Student Parent Programs subsidy program - it is the only option for undergraduate student parents. 

Which expenses will a childcare subsidy cover?

All three subsidy programs can cover the costs for daycare, before or after school care, school vacation care from a licensed or accredited provider. Documentation of expenses is required. GEO can reimburse for summer childcare programs, including summer camp. CCAMPIS subsidizes summer childcare on a limited basis and only for students who received an award during the academic year. 

For more information about the childcare subsidies, contact Student Parent Programs at (413) 577-1005.