Spring 2023 - GSS Office Hours

Office Hours for GSS Officers and Coordinators are listed below. Office Hours are 'drop-in' style -- you do not need to formally schedule a time to meet during the times listed, just drop-in to the office or the Zoom room. All Office Hours will be conducted in person unless specified otherwise If we are not in our Office Hours, we likely have a GSS conflict. Please email us to reschedule. 

If you are not able to attend during the times listed below, please email a GSS leader to schedule a meeting. (Note: State and Federal holidays are observed by the GSS office.)

Please note: President Linet Preshma Pereira's Zoom for Office Hour: Zoom (temporary)




Fall 2022 Hours

President Linet Preshma Pereira (gsspress@umass.edu)


Vice President Amanda Suzzi-Simmons (gssvice@umass.edu)


Treasurer Niharika Pola (gsstreas@umass.edu)


International Student Coordinator Fareed Mohammed (gssintl@umass.edu)


DEI Coordinator Marwa Atef Mohamed Amer (gssdei@umass.edu)

  • Mondays - Thursdays:  9:00 am - 11:30 am (virtual)


GSO Coordinator Xiaoyun Song (gssgso@umass.edu)


Office Address: 919 Campus Center