Graduate Student Senate

Graduate Student Senate Meeting in September 2017

The Graduate Student Senate is composed of elected officers and senators. Senators are elected by each constituency. Officers are elected campus wide each year.

If your department does not have a senator, you can hold a meeting and vote for a representative! Senators can be elected by all graduate students in your department or program, either as part of a departmental meeting, or online.

Being a Senator does not require a large time commitment, and it provides a great opportunity to get involved in serving the graduate student community. The primary responsibilities of GSS Senators are:

  • Attend GSS meetings to discuss and vote on graduate student issues.
  • Serve as a liaison between GSS and graduate students in their department or program.
  • Help set an agenda for GSS that reflects the academic, professional and student-life concerns of graduate students in their department or program

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2020-2021 Senators List

Senator list by College and Program, with emails

Rights and Responsibilities & Executive, Finance, Elections Committees

See the GSS Senator Handbook for more information on rights and responsibilities and various committees.