GSOs (Graduate Student Organizations)

The Graduate Student Senate has more than 40 graduate student organizations (GSOs), which are responsible for many graduate student events and programming held on campus, including: concerts, lectures, academic outreach, professional development, cultural and social events, and conferences.

As a member of the UMass graduate community, you are invited to explore existing GSOs, and to start new one(s) centering on an academic, professional, cultural, hobbyist, or topic(s)!

UMass Campus Pulse
Outside of the GSS website, Campus Pulse is your destination for all things campus involvement and GSO related! Here, you’ll be able to:

  • Explore the student organizations our campus has to offer (both graduate and undergraduate)
  • Join existing student organizations
  • Create new student organizations
  • Access and add to a calendar of on-campus events
  • Upload organization documents and media files
  • Apply for funding through the GSS (Ad hoc, Line Item) or for university funded grants
  • Connect with other students
  • Access your organization funds through submitting purchase orders/requests
  • And much more!

GSO Funding Policy

2021-2022 AY GSO Manual 

In this manual, you will find important information concerning the rights and responsibilities that GSOs have towards their membership and with the Graduate Student Senate. There also consists of a wealth of information about the benefits of GSOs, training requirements, organizational development tools, funding types and guidelines, and upcoming GSO workshops for the 2021-22 Academic Year.

If you have any questions about this manual or have questions throughout the school year, please do not hesitate to contact the GSS.