The following procedures apply to all appointments (intern, project assistant etc) within
any of the Training and Development Programs (Employee Training, Organization
Development, Labor/Management Workplace Education)

• All job possibilities available to graduate students are posted through the official
channels. In addition, jobs are posted in the Training and Development office and
sent directly to selected departments on campus. Also, LMWEP openings will be
electronically posted to LMWEP staff.
• Job postings include information about job responsibilities, who is eligible for
appointments, what qualifications and expertise are required for the job. Required
hrs/wk, duration of the appointment and salary (in cases where contract negotiations
do not enable us to list a specific salary, we provide information on the salary range).

• Once the deadline has passed, resumes are screened and selected candidates are
invited for an interview. Significant weight is given to a candidate’s previous
experience doing the same or similar jobs. In most cases, a candidate will not be
considered for training, teaching or organization development positions unless they
have relevant previous experience.
• Candidates are appointed who best meet the qualifications of the position as
determined by the hiring person or team.
• In making appointments, priority will be given to individuals who have worked
previously in Training and Development programs and whose work has been

• Graduate students in Training and Development are generally appointed as Interns
which the GEO contract defines as “a graduate student employed on a salaried basis,
in academic, service, or administrative support, to perform work which is specifically
designed to support or enrich his or her academic experience and/or provides practical
experience which directly augments his or her classroom studies. Graduate
employees in LMWEP are generally appointed as project assistants, a reflection of
the grant-funded nature of these appointments.
• Appointments are made for 19 weeks beginning each semester and for 12-13 during
the summer (if funds are available and positions needed). Interns working in Training
and Development are expected to work for the duration of the appointment including
January term and spring break with appropriate vacation time and personal time
provided according to the terms of the contract. Given the funding nature of LMWEP 
appointments, LMWEP assistants do not necessarily follow the semester appointment
• Graduate students are notified of their appointments in writing at least two weeks
prior to the beginning of the semester. Again, given off-semester funding cycles, this
does not always hold for LMWEP appointments.

• Reappointment options can extend for up to two years (Employee Training), up to
three years (Organizational Development), and even beyond three years (LMWEP) if
funding is available and if, upon evaluation, it is determined that job expectations
have been satisfactorily met.
• The Training and Development Unit is currently making reappointments on a
semester-by-semester basis for the first year. During the second and/or third years, a
two semester appointment may be made if funds are available. LMWEP
appointments follow this guideline in principle, but also attend to funding cycle
practices as well.
• Graduate interns will be notified in writing whether a position is “likely to be funded,
may be funded, or is not likely to be funded” (GEO contract, Article 22) by
December 15 and May 15 (or for LMWEP, as close to these dates as the funding
cycles allows) respectively.
• Graduate interns who will not be reappointed as the result of unsatisfactory
performance based on the reappointment criteria outlined in this document will also
be notified by December 15 and May 15 (or for LMWEP, as close to these dates as
the funding cycles allows).
• Graduate interns can expect to receive confirmation of their reappointments in writing
by August 24 for Fall semester and January 12 for Spring semester (or for LMWEP,
as close to these dates as the funding cycles allows).

• Each program (ET,OD & LMWEP) has created evaluation criteria that is specific to
their program. Each graduate student will receive a copy of their evaluation criteria
along with general information about the policies and procedures that apply to
graduate internships and those relevant to the Training and Development Unit.
• In addition to program specific evaluation criteria, every graduate student will also be
evaluated on the following: Cooperation with the terms and conditions of employment and the Training and
Development Unit’s policies and procedures.