Teaching Academy Videos

We are excited to offer a series of short videos to support graduate students and postdocs dedicated to improving their teaching skills. Designed to support instructors at all levels, there is something for everyone!

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Video Descriptions;

Are you new to UMass? Be sure to watch "Who is the UMass Undergrad?" which highlights our undergrads, some of their required coursework, and their expectations for you!

Online teaching is here to stay! While our Resources page has many ways to help with technology, our video "Being an Online TAwill help you think about how your role may be different in this mode of instruction.

Many TAs will work with a discussion section or a lab section. Learn more about what is expected of you in this role in our videos "Leading a Discussion Section" and "Being a Lab TA.

One of our themes of the Teaching Academy is teaching inclusively. All TAs and instructors will benefit from the insight and suggestions in "Navigating Intersecting Identities in the Classroom" and "Establishing an Anti-Racist Classroom."

Two challenges that many TAs face are navigating the intermediary role between the professor and the students (often alongside other TAs) and managing a mountain of grading. Check out best practices and tips for both in "Communicating with Your Teaching Teamand "Grading: Don't Let it Get You Down!"

Lastly, we know that not all TAs and instructors will teach in their career, but did you know that the classroom is a GREAT place to develop many of the skills that are in-demand by employers? Learn more in "The Career Value of Your TA-ship."


A big thank you to our video creators: 

  • Manuela Borzone, Comparative Literature Department
  • Alyx Burns, College of Information and Computer Sciences
  • Kelly Giles, Department of Sociology
  • Florianne Marie Jimenez, English Department
  • Denise Pope, CIRTL@UMass
  • Robert Williams, W.E.B. Du Bois Department of Afro-American Studies
  • Johanna Yunker, Office of Professional Development 

You may have noticed that our presenters chose to share their pronouns at the start of each video. Often this is done not because one is necessarily concerned about being misgendered, but rather as a statement of solidarity with the trans community. You can also indicate your pronouns in SPIRE, add them to your email signature, or add them to your name in Zoom! For more information, check out this FAQ from UMass's Stonewall Center.