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Bridget Benner

Bridget Benner receives NSF Fellowship

Bridget Benner Wins NSF Graduate Research Fellowship!

Bridget Benner is a third year PhD Student in the Fluid-Structure Interactions Lab in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering who started her engineering pursuits at Bunker Hill Community College before participating in the wind energy REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) at UMass.

In addition to the NSF Fellowship, Bridget has also received the Edwin V. Sisson Doctoral Fellowship and the Kenneth A. Lloyd Fellowship and is co-chair of the outreach committee for Graduate Women in STEM, a member of the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Graduate Leadership Council, a member of the College of Engineering Dean's Advisory Group, a Spaulding-Smith Fellow and a Wind Energy Fellow.

I study the fundamentals of flow-induced dynamic instabilities (vibrations) of vertical-axis wind turbine blades using a combination of theoretical and experimental methods.

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HOPE is a non-profit organization 

Cielo Sharkus gives H.O.P.E.

Cielo Sharkus, a second year Ph.D. student in Water Resource Engineering is fighting Climate Change through HOPE.  HOPE or Humans for the Opposition of Pollution and Emissions is a non-profit based in New England founded on the principals of uniting communities in need of community-wide environmental restoration, pollutant remediation, and water resource protection. The goal of the organization is to create community-based structures that meet the needs of disenfranchised community members by addressing environmental inequity through education, research, and project-based learning.

Hope is looking for volunteers and executive board members. If fighting Climate Change is something you are passionate about, you can contact Cielo for more information.

Cielo Sharkus is fighting Climate Change

Cielo Sharkus is fighting Climate Change

More about Cielo

Cielo’s research is focused on environmental hazards related to climate change. I focus on how flooding, drought, and wildfires impact water quality and quantity, and how this disproportionately affects low-income minorities and vulnerable populations. She also has two projects under review, Assessing Social Vulnerability and Hydrological Risk in Massachusetts and US Riverine Metropolitan Areas are Driven by Local Hydrology and Shaped by Race.