General Statement of Eligibility

All graduate students enrolled in a graduate degree program and in good academic standing are eligible for assistantships in Student Affairs and Campus Life. Some departments within Student Affairs and Campus Life have agreements with certain academic departments to fill their positions with students from those departments.

Student Affairs and Campus Life includes the following areas:
Student Engagement & Leadership
Residential Life
Career Services
Dean of Students
Center for Health Promotion

Not all departments have assistantships available, but these procedures pertain to those departments that do.

Posting of Positions

Notice of graduate assistantship position vacancies in Student Affairs and Campus Life along with a Statement of Duties including minimum qualifications, application deadline, required material, and the name of the person to whom applications should be submitted shall be sent to the Graduate School Assistantship Office and appropriate graduate programs as determined by supervisor.

Posting for positions will not occur when a graduate student employee is reappointed to the position. Postings for positions may not occur when: 1). A position opens up or is created after a semester begins; and 2). the supervisor with approval by the department head or designee, provides adequate written justification to waive the posting. In these instances, a qualified graduate student will have been identified and recommended for hire.


Appointment Process for Fellows, Trainees and Interns

Supervisors in the respective departments will review all applications for assistantships and interview selected candidates. A student’s qualifications, experience, academic standing, correlation between job duties and student’s degree program, and available funding are taken into consideration, along with Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity guidelines. Candidates are appointed who best meet the qualifications of the position as determined by the hiring authority. Graduate students will be notified of their appointments in writing at least two (2) weeks prior to the beginning of the semester. All applicants are notified in writing of their status after the selected student accepts the position.

Selected candidates must attend training sessions required by the respective department and/or Human Resources.

Reappointment Process for Fellows, Trainees and Interns

Reappointments are not guaranteed. Criteria for reappointment include academic standing, experience, previous performance, and available funding. Graduate student employees will be notified in writing whether they are likely to be reappointed, may be reappointed, or not likely to be reappointed by December 1 for spring semester and April 15 for fall semester. A letter of non‐reappointment or a letter confirming reappointment will be sent no later than fourteen (14) days prior to the first day of classes.

Appointment/Reappointment Process for Project Assistants

The appointment and reappointment process for Project Assistants will be in accordance with the above procedures for Fellow, Trainees, and Interns except Project Assistants will be notified of reappointment decisions in accordance with Article 23, section 5.C of the GEO/University contract.