Department of Sport Studies Graduate Student Appointment/Reappointment Procedure

1. Where funding exists, Master’s degree and doctoral students receive a half assistantship -10 hours per week.

2. The number of assistantships per year will vary, based on needs of the department and available funds.

3. Any graduate student may apply for a graduate assistantship.

4. Most of the assistantships are teaching assistantships-- based on departmental need and available funds--there may be one or two research assistantships per year.

5. Most of the teaching assistantships for the master’s degree students are for discussion sections in the undergraduate, large lecture courses.

6. Selection of graduate assistants is made by professors in the department.

7. After the first year in residence, provided they have successfully completed a teaching assistantship, doctoral students may be assigned by the Department Head to teach a section of an undergraduate course.

8. All applicants are notified of their selection and sign a contract.

9. Other job opportunities outside the department are posted on the bulletin board.

10. Reappointments are contingent on need and past performance. A graduate assistant evaluation form is sent each semester to all supervisors of graduate assistants.