Resources for New Graduate Students

There are many campus offices, centers, and services at UMass to help you succeed as a graduate student.

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COVID-19 Information and Updates

  • The UMass Amherst Reopening website provides up-to-date information about the campus response to coronavirus, including information related to health and safety, teaching and learning, campus life, and research and libraries.


Academic Resources

  • The Academic Honesty Office ensures that the learning environment at the university is honest and fair. Familiarize yourself with the Academic Honesty Policy, which outlines standards regarding academic honesty for all UMass students and processes for graduate student instructors to handle academic honesty issues in the classroom. The University also provides a policy statement on joint authorship to promote fairness and clarity in assigning authorship on publications involving faculty and graduate student authors. 
  • The W.E.B.Du Bois Library and Science & Engineering Library provide an expansive range of research support services. They can help you start your research, request materials, organize your citations, or manage your data.  Every department has a librarian liaison assigned, so reach out to get connected to the amazing resources and services provided by the libraries.
  • The Writing Center offers face-to-face and online consultations to help graduate students and postdocs clarify ideas, reorganize text, set writing goals, and build productive writing practices.
  • If you’re working partially or wholly remote, this fun video, Lockdown Productivity, offers advice on how to integrate your personal and professional life in one space.  


Student Support and Services

  • The Dean of Students Office assists students with personal or academic challenges. Use the Single-Stop Resource Page to find information on Student Legal Services, academic support, emergency loans, food security, and a variety of other student services. A Graduate Student Case Manager is available to speak with graduate students one-on-one and connect them with a wide array of student support resources.
  • University Health Services provides comprehensive medical care to a diverse population of UMass Amherst constituents and promotes campus health. The cost to access health care through University Health Services depends on your individual insurance coverage. UHS also handles enrollment in and questions regarding the Student Health Benefit Plan
  • The Center for Counseling and Psychological Health (CCPH) offers a community of care to UMass Amherst students to help them cope with stress or anxiety, find strategies to overcome challenges, promote mental wellbeing, and succeed in college life and beyond.
  • The Graduate Student Senate (GSS) is a student-led, elected governance body that advocates on behalf of graduate students and offers programming, events, and resources. 
  • The Graduate Employee Union (GEO) is the union for graduate employees at UMass Amherst.
  • Financial Aid Services assists students with university costs and information about the different types of aid available to fund graduate education.
  • The Office of the Bursar manages student accounts and bills.
  • The Office of Equity and Inclusion offers resources to develop and maintain a diverse and inclusive campus community. Several centers on campus advance advocacy, inclusion, and support initiatives by enhancing services for underrepresented students and creating impactful intersectional partnerships.
  • Disability Services provides direct support to students with all types of disabilities and information for instructors on appropriate accommodations.  
  • The International Programs Office (IPO) provides support and resources to international students enrolled at UMass, as well as graduate students seeking to study or do research abroad.  
  • The many Graduate Student Organizations (GSOs) provide opportunities to connect with other graduate students around similar interests.
  • The Career Development and Professional Connections hub is your gateway to career services support at UMass. Check with your UMass school/college Career Development office for additional resources. 
  • The Graduate School Office of Professional Development (OPD) supports skill-building in Career Preparation, Communication, Grants & Fellowships, Personal Development, and Teaching to position you for success at UMass and beyond. 
  • The Office of Inclusion and Engagement (OIE) is part of the UMass Amherst Graduate School’s commitment to fostering diversity and a positive campus climate to promote graduate student success. OIE aims to cultivate an inclusive environment through which graduate students from all backgrounds can thrive and succeed at UMass Amherst.
  • The Equal Opportunity Office is committed to ensuring UMass Amherst is free from harassment and discrimination. The Title IX team in particular combats sexual harassment and sexual violence. Allegations of gender discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual violence, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, and other sexual misconduct are taken very seriously and the Title IX team aims to provide fair and prompt investigations, respect for the privacy of the parties, and commitment to due process.  A variety of Title IX Campus Resources and options are available to support members of the campus community.  
  • The Center for Women and Community (CWC) promotes gender equity by building the capacity of the community to interrupt, address, and transcend sexism and its connection to all forms of oppression. The Center is a free, confidential resource for people of all gender identities and expressions and provides crisis services, counseling, and support groups for survivors of sexual and relationship violence and stalking. 
  • The Student Parent Programs office supports students who are parents as they work toward their personal, professional, and educational goals. The office also maintains a list of childcare options and information on how to apply for childcare assistance. 


Amherst Community

  • Amherst, MA, and surrounding communities feature a variety of restaurants, museums, outdoor and indoor recreation opportunities, and shopping options.
  • Pioneer Valley Transit Authority (PVTA), operated by UMass Transit, offers bus service between UMass and surrounding communities and colleges. Use your UCard to ride for free during the academic year.