Public Policy and Administration

Master's Program in Public Policy and Administration Appointment and Reappointment Guidelines for Graduate Employees

Appointment and Reappointment procedures for all graduate student employees within the Center for Public Policy and Administration will be guided by Article 22 of the Graduate Employee Organization contract (this refers to the contract in force between July 1, 1993 and June 30, 1996). Revisions of these guidelines will be made as needed to remain in conformity with contractual guidelines.

1. Research Assistants and Project Assistants (RAs and PAs)

A) Eligibility. Students who are admitted to the Master's Program in Public Policy and Administration with offers of funding are eligible to fill PA and RA positions. RAs and PAs are guaranteed to receive funding for one year, given acceptable job performance.

B) Selection of RAs and PAs. PA and RA positions are filled by the Graduate Program Director and CPPA faculty based upon student interests, research ability and prior experience.

2. Teaching Assistants (TAs)

A) Eligibility. In order to receive funding as TAs, Graduate students must be in “good standing” as determined by the Graduate Program Director. Only second-year students who have completed the course with excellent grades and who have been recommended by the instructor are offered TA positions.

B) Assignment of TAs. Assignments of TAs will be made by the Graduate Program Director based upon recommendations made by faculty teaching the course in question.