RA/TA Appointment and Re-appointment Procedures

This document summarizes the policies and procedures for appointment of Research Assistants and Teaching Assistants in the Department of Public Health.

Notice of Available Positions within Each Division

Available research and teaching positions in the three departmental divisions (Biostatistics and Epidemiology, Community Health Studies, and Environmental Health Studies) will be summarized separately and posted on the departmental web site at the beginning and end of each semester. An email message will be distributed to continuing students in the department notifying them that the positions have been posted and a similar announcement will be made at orientation for new students in the department. Positions will not be open to applicants until after this list has been distributed to all students. The listing will include the project name, requirements, a brief description of responsibilities, and a contact person. It will also specify the deadline for applications, normally one week after the list is made available. Applicants are encouraged to meet with contact persons to find out more details, and express any special interests or qualifications for a position. Application forms are available on the web site. Applicants may apply to more than one position, but must prioritize their interest.

Application for Positions

Applicants must complete application forms and submit them to the Departmental office (Arnold 408) prior to the application deadline.

Decisions on Funding within each Division Level

The Faculty in each Division will meet immediately following the closing date to award funding. First, applications are screened for eligibility based on posted requirements (such as SAS experience, analysis course work, etc). Only applications for positions passing the screening will be considered. Masters students are eligible for funding for up to 2 years (not necessarily contiguous for part time students), and PhD students are eligible for up to 4 years. Students applying for funding beyond these statutes of will be considered only after other eligible applicants have been served.

Priorities for funding within each Division:

  • Projects with continuing Research Assistant positions
  • 1st year students promised an RA/TA
  • Doctoral students
  • 2nd year Master’s students
  • 1st year Master’s students

Non-native English speaking students serving as Teaching Assistants must take and pass the English Proficiency test.


Written notification will be given to all TA/RAs following the award decisions.


Reappointments are not guaranteed; all appointments are on a one semester basis. Reappointments are determined on academic standing, experience, performance and available funding.