1. As curricular planning and time permit, the Head will post a notice of expected job openings in Philosophy, appointments to which are covered by the University's agreement with GEO. This notice will specify the form of and the due date for receiving applications for these jobs from graduate students.

2. The primary review of applications for jobs for graduate students in an academic year will commence during the spring semester of the preceding academic year. Prior to the Spring SemiAnnual Review meeting of the faculty, the Head will invite graduate students to submit applications for the following year. The Supervisory Committee, meeting with the head, will review these applications and make a proposal for the next academic year in light of expected departmental budgetary allocations and other funding opportunities within the University. In making its proposal, the Committee is expected to take note of any considerations relevant to its making a judicious recommendation, including but not limited to, commitments to Puryear and Distinguished Fellows, the curricular needs of the Department, an applicant's capacity for making a useful contribution in the classroom, and the applicant's record of academic achievement as a student in the Department's Ph.D. program. At the Spring Semi-annual Review, the Department will consider the Supervisory Committee's proposal, make such changes as it sees fit, and vote its recommendation to the Head of appointments for the following year. Appointment decisions shall be made by the Department Head after reviewing the applications and in light of the Department's recommendations, and will not be made for arbitrary or capricious reasons.

3. Those who are given appointments will be notified in writing by the Head.

4. The Head will regularly post, or will post information about, announcements of job possibilities available to graduate students both from inside and outside the department, as the Head receives such notices.

5. The Head will decide on and provide notice of TA and TO appointments and assignments to courses, and all other appointments and assignments of graduate students in Philosophy that are covered by the agreement between the University and GEO, as provided for in that agreement.