In general, administrative interns come from academic departments that provide training and experience relevant to our work (e.g., experience with large scale databases, data management skills, statistical and analytical skills, graphical and tabular representation of data, etc).

When a position(s) becomes available, a written description of the position is submitted to and posted in the graduate employment office. It is also submitted to the Campus Chronicle, the GEO office and Univeristy employment office, and circulated to a number of academic departments.

Applicants for the position(s) are asked to submit a cover letter and resume describing how their experiences and other qualifications meet the requirements of the stated position.

The hiring authority reviews the resumes and cover letters, often with the assistance of other staff members, identifies those candidates who meet the qualifications, and interviews each of these individuals. When appropriate, the candidates generally meet with other staff members.

The most qualified candidate is identified, references checked, and the graduate student is offered the assistantship. The remaining candidates are notified in writing that the position has been filled. A "position filled" memo is sent to all addresses where the advertised position description was originally sent.

Stipends conform to the GEO guidelines.


Performance of the administrative intern is reviewed prior to reappointment. Reappointment is contingent on the following factors:

  • Availability of funding
  • The incumbent has demonstrated that s/he is making satisfactory progress in the position
  • Continuation of the project that the incumbent is working on
  • The incumbent is available to work the number of hours and at the times specified