School of Nursing Appointment and Reappointment Procedures for Graduate Assistants and Associates

Posting of available positions

A posting of positions (usually by email) will be made available to current nursing Graduate students. Incoming students and current graduate students will receive an email regarding available positions. These positions are given to nursing students only, unless otherwise noted.

Hiring/Funding Decisions

Decisions on who will receive assistantships is per the discretion of the Graduate Program Director when all the following criteria has been met:

• Student completes an application and submits a resume and at least two letters of reference

• Student is in good academic standing within the School of Nursing.

• Student holds the desired experience in order to properly match that of the faculty and the course being taught.

• Student is able to fulfill the commitment and/or those hours specified by the faculty member whom the student will assist.

• Student is interviewed by the faculty member whom they wish to assist.

Application procedure

Interested students should complete the application process and submit a resume within the time frame indicated on the application to room 216 of Arnold House. Applications will be reviewed by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, and the faculty members who require teaching assistants, and/or faculty members who have projects/or grant funded research.

Appointment procedure

Recommended students shall meet with the designated faculty member to discuss the details of the appointment. Specific details of the duty will be discussed, and the guidelines outlined in the Graduate Appointments Policies and Procedures will be followed in respect to the TA/TO/RA/PA appointment as outlined in this document.

Human Resources

All new students must attend the University of Massachusetts Amherst Human Resources graduate student employee orientation during the last week in August.

Reappointment procedure

A student who is hired for an assistantship should be able to commit to an entire academic year. If that is not the case, and positions become available during the academic year, students will be contacted in the form of an announcement, an email, or a mailing of new positions. A new pool of applicants will be drawn upon each academic year. All applications will be considered. Policies and guidelines The School of Nursing will follow all guidelines outlined in the Agreement Between Graduate Employee Organization UAW Local 2322 and The University of Massachusetts Amherst. The School of Nursing will also follow all guidelines from the Graduate School Assistantship Office, policies and procedures outlined in the Graduate Handbook. The quality of students work and fulfillment of agreed responsibilities will be reviewed mid-semester and at the end of each semester in which they serve. Each student will be given a copy of this document and the Agreement Between Graduate Employee Organization UAW Local 2322 and The University of Massachusetts Amherst.