University of Massachusetts Department of Music and Dance Appointment/Reappointment Criteria and Procedures for the Department of Music and Dance

I. General Statement of Eligibility

All Graduate students enrolled in the MM/Ph.D. Music Programs or accepted for graduate study in music are eligible for positions as Teaching Assistants, Teaching Associates, or Interns in the Department of Music and Dance. Students must have qualifications appropriate to the curricular needs of the Department, and must demonstrate a capacity for making a useful contribution in the classroom, applied studio, and/or ensemble to which he or she is assigned.

II. Requests by Graduate Students for Funding

Graduate students in music may request to be considered for TA/TO or Intern appointment in the Department of Music and Dance by checking the appropriate box on the University Graduate School Application Form. Students currently enrolled in the program may apply in writing to the Graduate Program Director for a TA/TO or Internship at any time during the year.

III. Notifying Students That They Will Receive Funding

Whenever possible, applicants will be notified of their award at the time of their acceptance into the program or, in the case of currently enrolled students, as soon as funding is available.

Decisions regarding the awarding of TA/TO or Internships will be based upon academic standing and achievement, and/or excellence in performance ability as a musician as determined by the evaluative judgment of the Graduate Program director and/or the Chair of the Department, and/or applied teacher. Students must have qualifications appropriate to the curricular needs of the Department, and must demonstrate a capacity for making a useful contribution in the classroom, applied studio, and/or ensemble to which he or she is assigned.

IV. Posting of Job Possibilities Available to Graduate Students

a. Job openings at the beginning of the academic year Normally, all TA/TO or Intern assignments have been made and accepted by the beginning of each semester. However, if a position becomes available after this time, the Department will notify qualified students of available positions and will 2 post a list of vacant positions on the Graduate Bulletin Board located in the Department of Music and Dance.

b. Job openings for the spring semester Whenever possible, the Department will give notice of available positions for the spring semester by December 15, in accordance with the GEO contract. The posting of jobs will follow section IV (a) above.

V. Notice of Assignment

Whenever possible, the department will notify all students in writing about their assignment for the coming year by July 1.

For positions that become available throughout the year, the department will notify in writing graduate students who applied for the position(s) and who were chosen to fill the position(s). The department will also notify those who applied for the position(s) but were not chosen. If requested, a reason will be given for the department’s decision.

VI. Appointment, Reappointment, Termination or Extension Procedures

• For reappointment, students must be in good academic standing and have a record of satisfactorily fulfilling current teaching and/or performance responsibilities as a TA/TO or Intern. The assessment of satisfactory performance may include, but is not limited to consideration of student evaluations or reports, evaluations of direct supervisors, and/or the quality of participation and the leadership role of the student in ensembles.

• Graduate Teaching Assistantships in Music are normally offered with the expectation of regular renewal for a total of 4 semesters. Assistantships may be terminated before the end of 4 semesters for any one or more of the following reasons:

1. lack of University funding (under the terms of the GEO contract);

2. unsatisfactory academic performance as a graduate student in Music;

3. unsatisfactory work performance as a TA/TO/Intern in Music;

4. any other reason that constitutes "just cause."

• Except in the most unusual circumstances (for example, unexcused absence from workplace responsibilities), a formal 30-day letter of warning from the Department Chair will precede the termination of a TA/TO/or Intern prior to the 4-semester commitment.

• Continuation of a TA/TO/Intern beyond the normal 4-semester commitment may be considered by the Department by special written request to the Department Chair before March 15th of an academic year. Such a request must be based on 3 compelling educational reasons and supported by the graduate student’s major professor and by the Graduate Program Director. In order to provide maximum opportunities for entering graduate students, such extensions will be granted infrequently, and the duration will be for a fifth or sixth semester at the maximum.