The Department of Microbiology Appoints/Reappoints Graduate Students on the Following Types of Appointments

For graduate students appointed/reappointed as Teaching Assistants.

Unfunded graduate students requesting appointments as a Teaching Assistant in the Department of Microbiology directly contact the Department Head regarding availability of funding. All graduate students are eligible for appointments as a TA.

After reviewing availability of funding and the number of students requesting funding, the Department Head evaluates each request based on individual student performance in course work, lab work and the recommendation of their Major Professor, past experience, and a good working relationship between TA and Instructor of the course. TAs in the Department of Microbiology are responsible for the instruction of hands on wet laboratory procedures.

Recipients of Teaching Assistantship awards are notified in writing. Students are asked to provide a copy of their course schedule in an attempt to determine assignments. All students are able to express their concerns and/or preferences regarding assignments. All appointments are subject to satisfactory academic performance.

For graduate students appointed/reappointed as Research Assistants.

The Department of Microbiology Faculty present via Graduate Seminar, MICBIO 791A and at the department annual retreat, talks and AV presentations regarding current research in our department. Microbiology Graduate Seminar is open to the entire campus community. Graduate students from other departments and program areas, are afforded the opportunity to contact Principal Investigators regarding a rotation through research labs (typically one semester at a time) to determine interest in a project. Generally graduate students are notified of rotation opportunities via the Biologist Mail List and through PI laboratory group interactions. A decision regarding funding is determined by the PI. Criteria by the PI varies from laboratory to laboratory depending on the scientific nature of the project.

All appointments are subject to satisfactory academic performance.