Mentor Training

The Graduate School offers training for mentors of graduate, postdoctoral, and undergraduate researches. We use the program developed by the National Research Mentoring Network (NRMN) and The Center for the Improvement of Mentored Experiences in Research (CIMER). This well-crafted program has been offered at numerous institutions across the country and is recommended by many organizations.  Each component of the training has been tested and evaluated, and the training has been shown to be effective at improving the knowledge and confidence of mentors and the success of mentees.  Over 130 UMass faculty have now taken this training. We also offer this training to graduate students and postdocs.

The training focuses on a series of items for discussion—interesting case studies, sample compacts you might have with your mentees, etc.  In a small group, you will discuss these materials with the help of trained facilitators. You’ll leave with lots of good ideas and a more nuanced understanding of the mentoring relationship.  It won’t be boring!  The material generates very thoughtful discussions.  The topics include aligning expectations with your mentee, maintaining effective communications, addressing equity and inclusion, fostering independence, and promoting professional development and emotional health.  

Upcoming Training

The next training scheduled by the Graduate School will be offered after the end of classes.  Please check back here in April for dates.

Faculty Mentoring Handbook

Download "A Guide for Mentoring Graduate Students at UMass Amherst," a document of best practices and helpful links for faculty mentors.

Advice for Supporting Graduate Students in Times of Stress contains specific advice for both mentors and graduate programs, as well as links to many resources.