Labor Center TA Appointment - Reappointment Policy

The goal of the Labor Center funding policy is to support the maximum possible number of graduate students in good standing enrolled in the program. Accordingly, students receive tenhour positions (half-TAs) in most cases. This policy has been determined in consultation with graduate student employees and in accordance with the Graduate Employee Organization (GEO) contract.

1. Requests By Graduate Students for Funding

a. All incoming students will be given the opportunity to request an assistantship. Within the letters notifying them of their acceptance into the Labor Center, the department will ask the prospective students whether or not they want an assistantship, if one has not already been offered. The initial funding offer will extend for two semesters.

b. No incoming student will receive an offer of funding before the final application deadlines for each semester. Faculty will consider the entire pool of punctual applications before making funding decisions, using the criteria in section 2(a) below.

c. For students already enrolled in the Labor Center, funding is renewable for two more semesters if the graduate student employee has both adequately performed his or her required duties, and is making satisfactory academic progress towards the degree. The department will, in the second semester of a student’s funding, inquire in writing (including email) whether the student would like his or her funding to be renewed. The student will need to respond in writing to request a continuation of funding.

2. Decisions About Who Will Receive Funding

a. Assistantships will be awarded to students based on merit, need, and to increase the diversity of the student population within the Labor Center. Merit will be determined based on the applicant’s personal statement, grades, recommendation letters, work experience, labor movement experience, and fit with the department’s mission. Increasing diversity will remain a primary goal in recruiting and retaining students.

b. Students interested in renewing funding will demonstrate good standing in the program. Satisfactory academic performance shall be defined as no more than two incompletes on one’s transcript at any time, and an overall grade point average of 3.0 or higher. Students who do not meet these criteria will not be guaranteed renewed funding.

c. Students in their third year or beyond should not expect funding from the Labor Center.

d. In order to distribute resources most equally, all students funded by the Labor Center will normally receive ten-hour assistantships. No student will be eligible for a second assistantship at the University until every student who requests an assistantship has received one.

3. Notifying People That They Will Receive Funding

a. In accordance with Article 23(4)(c) of the GEO contract, the department will make every effort to notify students as soon as possible of funding decisions.

4. Posting of Job Possibilities Available to Graduate Students

a. Job openings at the beginning of the academic year: As early as possible in the fall semester, a list of all available assistantships will be distributed to all students receiving funding. The list will describe each assistantship, including the nature of the position, the supervisor, the number of hours per week, whether the position is expected to last one or two semesters, and any necessary special qualifications (e.g. your own transportation, language skills, reading music), as well as any requirements for work beyond the semester dates. Job descriptions will include all specific qualifications required for the position. At a department meeting at a regular time, students will state their preferences among the available jobs. Students will indicate in writing their top three preferences. The faculty will distribute the positions to qualified applicants, based upon the criteria established in Article 23 of the GEO contract. Priority will be given to anyone currently holding a particular position, as long as the completed work has been satisfactory. In addition to the criteria established in Article 23(4)(B)(1) of the GEO contract, seniority at the Labor Center will be taken into account. Performance in any previous assistantships will also be taken into account.

b. Job openings that occur periodically throughout the year: The department will immediately post positions that become available throughout the academic year, by email and/or by notices placed in student mailboxes. Students will have at least five working days to respond in writing. If the position must be filled more quickly, the posting will state the deadline for applications. The department will give notice of all new positions in accordance with Article 23 of the GEO contract.

c. Job openings for the spring semester The department will give notice of all new positions for the spring semester by December 15, in accordance with the GEO contract. The posting of jobs and students’ indications of preferences will follow section 4(a) above.

d. Job openings outside of the Labor Center The department will inform students in the Labor Center when information is received about available assistantships in other academic departments or elsewhere. 5. Notice of Assignment a. In September, the department will notify in writing all students who have received funding, about which position they will fill. The department will make available a list of assistantship assignments. b. For positions that become available throughout the year, the department will notify in writing graduate students who are chosen to fill an opening. The department will also notify those who were not chosen. If requested, a reason will be given for the department’s decision.