Isenberg School of Management Ph.D. Teaching Assistantship Appointment and Reappointment Procedures

All Ph.D. candidates are offered full time equivalent assistantships for the first four years of their degree program. Supplemental summer appointments are offered to all Ph.D. students for three consecutive summers commencing with the summer after the first year.

Initial appointments are based on the student’s:

a.) Work experience as noted on personally submitted resume.

b.) Academic history as noted on officially submitted transcripts.

c.) Personal interests and career goals as noted on personally submitted personal statements.

Students are notified of their awards via email and written award letters from the GPD. Appointment Contracts are signed the first week of the semester or earlier if possible. Assistantship assignments are determined by the department chair and are communicated to students through email or in person.

Academic appointments are made at the start of each fall semester and run for 38 weeks. Summer appointments for the supplemental summer allowance are made at the close of the spring semester.

Funding beyond the fourth year is contingent on departmental need, satisfactory academic progress and the student’s ability to teach or conduct research in the department’s designated area of need. Determination of funding continuation shall be made by the department head/chair in conjunction with the Ph.D. program director and the student’s advisor.

Generally, the early termination of an assistantship will coincide with failure of the Ph.D. candidate to perform academically, such as failure to successfully pass courses and/or comprehensive exams. Under such circumstances, the termination of the assistantship will coincide with the student’s withdrawal from the program. An assistantship may also be discontinued for failure to perform assistantship duties in a satisfactory manner. Complaints about a Ph.D. student’s performance will be addressed first by either the faculty advisor (RA’s) or department chair (TA’s) and secondly by the Ph.D. Program Director.

The Ph.D. program policies and procedures are determined by the Ph.D. Policy Committee. A Ph.D. student representative serves on this committee and is selected by the Ph.D. Student Association in the Isenberg School.