Appointment/Reappointment Procedures for Graduate Students Appointed as Teaching Assistants (TAs)


Newly admitted graduate students in the M.S. degree program in HRTA are automatically considered for departmental funding through Teaching Assistantships. Unfunded graduate students requesting appointments as Teaching Assistant in the HRTA Department directly contact the Graduate Program Director for consideration during subsequent academic years. Students must be enrolled in at least 9 hours of course credit (or 6 hours of thesis credit) applied toward the 36 hours or foundation courses required for the HRTA M.S. degree. Students may not be enrolled in or receiving T.A. or R.A. funding from any other department or program in the University.


After funding has been confirmed and the number of positions is determined, each candidate is evaluated on the basis of past experience, GMAT or GRE scores, TOEFL scores (if applicable), academic background, written and oral communication skills, and other skills appropriate to the specific assignments. All students are able to express their preferences and/or concerns regarding assignments. Attempts are made to match student skills and schedules with specific course requirements. Students who have previously chosen alternative funding or have taken a leave of absence are given low priority.


All reappointments are subject to: Satisfactory performance as a T.A. as determined by the faculty supervisor, Department Head, and Graduate Program Director. Satisfactory academic performance as determined by the Graduate School and the Graduate Faculty. Continued funding levels from the college in subsequent semesters/years.


All recipients of Teaching Assistantship awards are notified in writing and/or in person. Job descriptions, available positions, and T.A. procedures are posted on the Graduate Student Bulletin Board in the HRTA Department main office, Flint 107. The HRTA Department is not funded for and does not appoint Research Assistants (RAs).