Non-Working Fellowships and Traineeships

Non-Working Fellowships

These fellowships are highly competitive prestigious awards made by federal agencies and foundations meant to assist students in the pursuit of their studies or research. Fellowships vary, but most provide funds for stipends and some or all cost of education expenses, in accordance with sponsors’ published guidelines. Examples of non-working fellowships include: the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, the Soros Foundation Fellowship for New Americans, and Ford Foundation Fellowships.

Students who receive fellowships should notify the Graduate School immediately and provide a copy of their award letter using this form.  Stipends, benefits and taxes may change with a fellowship.  A moodle course is available to explain and help students navigate this process smoothly.

For questions please contact: Heidi Bauer-Clapp


These awards assist students in the pursuit of additional training that enhances or complements the traditional curricular and research training provided by degree-granting graduate programs. Traineeships are typically awarded to cohorts of students participating in federally funded institutional training grants, though individual non-working traineeships also exist. A traineeship provides funds for stipends and 60 percent of the cost of education expenses, in accordance with sponsoring agencies’ published guidelines. Examples of non-working traineeships include: NSF NRT and NIH T32.