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Nomination Information

REAL Fellowship diversity awards are made to students for whom a case can be made for academic excellence and underrepresentation in the discipline, department, and professoriate (or other profession for which the doctorate or MFA is the normal preparation). Please indicate how this student’s group is underrepresented.
What is your assessment of the candidate’s relevant research skills and demonstrated scholarly and professional development? Please comment on the quality of the candidate’s previous work and future promise of productive scholarship. Your comments may include your assessment of the nominee’s writing sample or other work, but please do not include these materials with your nomination
Does your program commit to providing this student with five years of assistantship funding (three years for MFA students; at least a 20-hour assistantship per semester or equivalent)? This commitment includes standard contingencies, such as satisfactory academic progress, adequate funding, and reliance on existing arrangements with other campus units that employ graduate assistants, but there must be a good-faith effort to provide the student with the promised support. Programs that are unable to make this commitment are encouraged to contact the Dean of the Graduate School as early as possible in the nomination process.
Does your program commit to assigning an advisor who will mentor the student academically during their graduate studies? Has the assigned mentor/advisor participated (or plan to participate) in the Faculty Mentor Training Program?