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May 25, 2021
Online with OPD!

Summer Reading Intensive  (June 14-18)

The Summer Reading Intensive will run Monday, June 14th, through Friday, June 18th. Over the course of the week, OPD will offer both synchronous and asynchronous opportunities to participate in a focused community of academic readers in order to build support and accountability. 

In courses, lab groups, and reading circles, we get used to reading with others, perhaps even dependent on these social structures to get our reading done. The transition to independent research (for an independent study, comprehensive exams, an article, the thesis/dissertation, or even just familiarizing yourself with a new field) can be a tough one to make. The Reading Intensive will focus on reading skills that support your research, writing, and deadlines. That way, when questions like "should I keep reading?" arise, you can make informed decisions. Along the way, we'll work on building social accountability for reading that is tied to process (instead of content). 

Space in the Summer 2021 Reading Intensive will be limited to make sure that readers can connect with each other and that we can support the entire group. Because of this, we ask that you fill out this application in its entirety. We expect acceptance into this program will be competitive, and participants will be selected based on the strength of their completed application. Priority will be given to readers who have a combination of the following:

  1. a desire to participate in an active reading community 
  2. an interest in experimenting with and discussing best read practices and habits; and
  3. a plan to read for a single, dedicated project (like comprehensive exams, literature reviews, articles, independent studies, and theses/dissertations)

Completed applications must be received by the end of the day on Tuesday, May 25, 2021.