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Learn about and find ways to manage Impostor Phenomenon. In this workshop, the Impostor Phenomenon Research Collaborative (IPRC) will deliver an informative presentation that will promote a better understanding of Impostor Phenomenon among UMass stakeholders by:

  • Defining Impostor Phenomenon (IP) and discussing its implications on achievement, advancement, and career development.
  • Identifying the relationships between IP, motivational, psychological, and mental health outcomes in students and faculty.
  • Discussing strategies to recognize and address IP in graduate students and faculty. 

Sponsored by the CNS Dean’s Office, Office of Faculty Development, and the Graduate School. This event is open to all UMass Amherst faculty, librarians, graduate students, and postdocs.

Pre-registration for "Impostor Phenomenon" is required.

On dates following the workshop, there will be optional facilitated discussions to allow graduate students and postdocs to go deeper, continue to learn about Impostor Phenomenon, and find ways to manage Impostor Phenomenon.

  • Graduate students and postdocs who identify as BIPOC - February 22 4:00-5:00pm, led by the some of the speakers who are from the Impostor Phenomenon Research Collaborative (IPRC).
  • All graduate students and postdocs - February 16 11:30-12:30pm, led by CNS Associate Dean Karen Helfer and PBS Professor Becky Ready