Graduate Student Employee Appointment and Reappointment Procedures

1. All requests for TA or RA positions by graduate students, either current students or those applying to the program, are considered for funding.

2. Decisions as to which students will receive funding are made by the Department Head in consultation with the Graduate Program Directors, Instructing Faculty, and/or Principal Investigators. All Regular or Provisional graduate students are eligible for appointment. Applicants are not necessarily ranked by either degree program or initial year vs. continuing students, but they are considered as criteria for selection along with experience, qualifications, and requirements yet to be met (i.e., doctoral students are required to serve as a TA for at least one semester).

3. Students are notified that they will receive funding by the Department Head or by their major advisor within 5 working days after decisions are reached.

4. Requests for positions within the Department always exceed the number of positions available. Thus, assignments are available only to graduate students in the Department. The openings are posted on the Graduate Student Bulletin Board in Room 204 Holdsworth Natural Resources Center.

5. TA positions are assigned by the Department Head after potential applicants express their preferences and major advisors and faculty instructors provide input. Assignments take into account academic performance, graduate student preferences, the needs of the department, the previous experience and qualifications of the graduate student, and faculty and student schedules.

6. Notice of assignment will be made to individual graduate students by the Department Head or his representative within 5 working days after assignments have been made.