COVID-19 Graduate Student FAQ

The most up to date information on the UMass Amherst response to CoVID-19 can be found at:

COVID-19 Testing Requirements

I received an email saying that I need twice weekly COVID tests. I have no plan to return to campus, what do I do?

Students who will be on campus (for face-to-face courses, lab work, etc.) will need to be tested twice weekly.  If you are not going to be on campus you will not need to be tested.

If you received a notice that you must have twice weekly COVID tests, but in fact will not be on campus this semester, email with an explanation of your situation and ask to be removed from the testing protocol list.

Student Resources and Employment

Where can I get information about emergency relief such as food, housing information, healthcare, etc.?

Please contact the Dean of Students Office for information and assistance.

I have questions about my on-campus employment.

Please contact your supervisor and/or your academic department for information.

Where can I get information about unemployment benefits?

Some graduate students may be eligible for unemployment assistance provided by the state of Massachusetts.  Students should consult the Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance.  Additional information and resources prepared by the UMass Partnership for Worker Education can be found here.

For additional information, students may contact:

I have other questions that are not on this list. Where can I get more information?

Please check the University’s COVID-19 page for additional information.