Appointment/Reappointment Procedures for Teaching Assistants in Latin

1. Since ours is a teacher training program and we believe practice in teaching is essential, all those admitted as full- time students to the MAT program in Latin and Classical Humanities are awarded full Teaching Assistantships for their first year. Students are not admitted in the middle of the year.

2. In late Fall, students are asked whether they are interested in teaching one of two Latin courses offered in summer school. Seniority, competence in teaching and academic performance are the criteria. The GPD, in consultation with the Chair, makes the decision.

3. Faculty review the performance of all first year students in February. They review the students’ course work, teaching (based on observations made of all students three times each semester), and work as graders in the large classics courses in translation. Faculty discuss this review at a meeting in late February at which they decide whether to renew the Teaching Assistantships for a second year.

4. MAT students holding assistantships are required to: 1). Fulfill their assistantship duties satisfactorily; 2). Maintain good academic standing; and 3). Make satisfactory progress toward the completion of degree requirements.