Change of Personal Data

Change of Personal Data
  1. Email Address:
    Official notifications from the university, the Graduate School and other campus offices are sent by email to your official campus email account. All students are assigned an account without charge.

    • To activate your official campus email account, contact Information Technology
    • If you choose to maintain an email account other than the official university one, you must still activate the university account, then forward your mail from the official account to your personal account.
  2. Mailing Address:
    Please make sure your mailing address is up to date at all times. Changes to mailing address can be made on SPIRE.
    • Students who do not wish to be listed in the online campus directory (People Finder) must submit the FERPA Privacy Form to the Graduate Student Service Center.
  3. Permanent Address:
    The Graduate School also maintains a permanent address for each graduate student. This may or may not be the same as the mailing address.  To update a permanent address, use SPIRE or contact the Graduate Student Service Center at gradrec [at] grad [dot] umass [dot] edu or 413-545-0722.
  4. Preferred/Chosen Name:
    Students can enter a Preferred/Chosen Name in SPIRE, which will appear only on course rosters, in Moodle, and in the UMass directory (PeopleFinder).  To do this, update your name in the Student Services Center in SPIRE under 'Personal Information'.  Click on the edit box to add your 'Preferred/Chosen Name'.
  5. Primary Legal name:
    Changes to a student's primary name must be made in writing to the Graduate Student Service Center. The student must indicate exactly how their name should appear on all educational records at the University.