Course Drop / Withdrawal

Course Drop / Withdrawal
  1. To add, drop, or change a course, students must use the online student information system, SPIRE.
  2. Up to and including 10 academic days from the beginning of a semester, degree-seeking graduate students may add, drop or change courses without penalty; that is, no entry will be made on the student’s permanent record. No courses may be added after this date.
  3. Courses dropped after period (2), but within eight calendar weeks from the beginning of a semester will be recorded with a grade of DR (Drop) on the student's transcript.
  4. During periods (2) and (3) a student may withdraw from the university without academic penalty. Grades of DR will be noted on the record. After eight weeks, grades of WF (Withdraw Failing) or WP (Withdraw Passing) will be entered unless special permission is obtained from the Dean of the Graduate School. No student may withdraw from courses after final examinations begin.