Appointment/Reappointment of M.S. students

Graduate Admissions/Appointments:

The Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology admits/appoints only MS candidates. Ph.D. candidates are enrolled in the interdepartmental Graduate Program in Molecular and Cellular Biology (although they may choose to conduct their thesis research under the direction of faculty members in this department).

Basis of Admissions to MS Program:

The goal of MS program is to provide additional scholarly training to qualified undergraduate majors who have received their BS degree from this department. Students from other departments and institutions are not admitted. Financial support of MS students is not guaranteed by the department.

Financial Support of MS Candidates in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: MS thesis research projects develop from each student’s undergraduate independent research activity and continue with the same mentor. Financial support for MS candidates is arranged individually by agreement between each student and his/her mentor. Stipends are considered Research Assistantships because they serve as remuneration for work in the research laboratory.


1. The candidate and mentor first agree that they have a mutual interest in having the student pursue an MS degree in the mentor’s laboratory. This is usually done during the students 7th undergraduate semester.

2. The candidate applies for admission to the MS program through the Graduate School and all Graduate School regulations apply.

3. Application materials (including 3 letters of recommendation, with one from the mentor) are reviewed and approved by a vote of the department’s Curriculum Committee, consisting of 3 tenured faculty members.


1. Each student’s academic progress is evaluated each semester by the Curriculum Committee and by the mentor.

2. Reappointment/retention in the program is based on evidence of satisfactory performance in coursework and progress with thesis research.