Graduate Student Employment Appointment and Reappointment Procedures

The hiring process focuses on finding a good fit for the Human Resources and Organizational Development Department in the Division of Auxiliary Services and the Graduate Student. The student gains ongoing learning opportunities, support, supervision and work experience, up to a period of three years, if the working relationship is mutually satisfactory. There are periodic performance reviews; returning students are given salary increases and more responsible roles in departmental projects.

The graduate intern hiring process in the Auxiliary Services Human Resources and Organizational Development department is as follows.

1. A need for interns to accomplish specific tasks and/or projects is established, and the Senior Manager develops a job description.

2. The job description is sent to GEO, and is also sent to a variety of other departments on campus (e.g., the Center for International Education, Labor Studies, School of Education, School of Management, Center for Teaching, Social Justice Education Program, and the Office of Graduate Minority Recruitment).

3. As candidates send in their resumes, they are reviewed for qualifications as described in the posted job descriptions.

4. Qualified candidates are identified and interviewed. All candidates are asked the same questions, which are based on the job description.

5. After the interviewing process, reference checks are completed, and offers are made to the most qualified candidates for the open positions.

6. Letters are written to unsuccessful candidates.

7. A Graduate Student Assistantship appointment form is completed for the successful candidate, appropriate signatures are secured and the form is forwarded to the Graduate School for processing.