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Training and Documentation

Contact the Graduate School via phone (413) 545-6002 or email with any questions.

Information Technologies also offers extensive training and documentation for most SPIRE functions including many of the Graduate Admissions processes as well as recording and changing grades.

Statute of Limitations Extensions

In a simple two-step process, departments can now request Statute of Limitations extensions on SPIRE.

Academic Load Overrides

The Academic Load Override page in SPIRE is used to enter a graduate student's status as full- or half-time while they are working on research for a required thesis or dissertation. This page replaces the need to write and send status memos to the Graduate School.

Review Graduate Application Materials

Log into SPIRE and navigate to Main Menu > Graduate Application Review > Lookup Graduate Applicants.

Several improvements have been made to the Graduate Application Review feature since this video was created, including navigation changes, additional search functionality, and a direct link to the SPIRE Decision page.


There are three reports that can be generated with the UMetrx system: a detailed list of current applicants which includes their status, contact information, transcripts and test scores; a summary report of applicant totals by status; and the results of the exit survey completed by applicants who have declined our offer of admission. Available for GPDs and staff only.


To generate a list of currently enrolled students or applicants, the SPIRE queries are always accurate and easy to run to Excel:

Graduate Admissions Decision Page

The Graduate Decision Page is used to admit or deny applicants. It is also where a department can change an applicants admission term or degree plan or sub-plan.