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GRE and GMAT Score Revisions

GMAT Test Scores

Beginning in early June 2012, the GMAT exam includes a new section for "Integrated Reasoning". This new component is designed to measure a test taker's ability to evaluate information presented in new formats and from multiple sources. It is not included in the total score. The Integrated Reasoning score will provide a new data point for schools to differentiate among candidates for their programs.

  • The Integrated Reasoning section will be scored separately on a scale of 1-8 in intervals of 1.
  • The Integrated Reasoning score will not affect the Quantitative, Verbal, Total or Analytical Writing Assessment scores.

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GRE Test Scores

The GRE score ranges were revised in August 2011. GRE scores are valid for 5 years so there may be various combinations of old and new GRE scores ranges reflected in SPIRE.

There are four columns on the Applicant Lookup Results page that display GRE scores:

SPIRE column name Description Score Range
New GRE Verbal New Verbal scores 130 – 170
New GRE Quantitative New Quantitative scores 130 – 170
GRE Verbal Old Verbal scores 200 – 800
GRE Quantitative Old Quantitative scores 200 – 800

The GRE test scores that are received from ETS (Educational Testing Service) are displayed in the appropriately labeled columns based on the new or old score ranges. We will also display converted scores based on a concordance table provided by ETS. In some cases, ETS will send us converted scores and in other cases we will programmatically generate converted scores.

Converted scores are identified on the Applicant Lookup Results page by an asterisk following the converted GRE scores column.