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Electronic Thesis Submission Process

Things to Know Before You Begin

ScholarWorks: Master’s students at UMass Amherst use ScholarWorks to submit theses in accordance with Master’s degree requirements. ScholarWorks is the UMass Libraries’ permanent digital repository for faculty and student research. It is indexed by major search engines and is used globally by those who wish to reference scholarship produced by members of the UMass community.

Document Type and Embargo Period: As the author, you automatically retain the copyright of your thesis. ScholarWorks offers two additional access controls - Document Type and Embargo Period - that allow you to temporarily restrict access to your thesis once you have submitted it. See Manage Access Controls in ScholarWorks for more information.

Document Accessibility: Consider the global nature of your readership. People who cannot distinguish colors accurately on screen or who have more severe visual impairments need to be able to understand all of your content. Do not let simple formatting choices create barriers for some members of your audience. Producing accessible works for online publication adds to your professionalism and begins with a few simple techniques to apply as you compose your document. Review six quick tips for making your document accessible.

Prepare for Submission

Before you begin, make sure that you have everything you need from the following checklist:

  • a non-UMass email address that you will continue to use indefinitely after you graduate from UMass Amherst.
  • your manuscript in PDF format. Be sure to proofread your work before converting to PDF and recheck formatting after converting to ensure that all images and tables are properly positioned. For help with PDF conversions, visit the Learning Commons in the DuBois Library.
  • any supporting files that you wish to provide as supplemental content, e.g. pictures, audio, video, animations, simulations, etc. Tip: name the files according to how you have referenced them in your manuscript and store them in the same location with your manuscript.
  • your decisions about whether you wish to use any access controls, i.e., Campus Only Access or Embargo Period.
  • your selection of up to six keywords or phrases to ensure that your work appears in relevant searches.

Submit Your Thesis

  1. If you are not in the English MFA program, create your ScholarWorks account using a non-UMass email address or log in if your account already exists.
  2. If you are an English MFA student, you must use a program-specific entry into English MFA Program ScholarWorks to create your account or log in.
  3. Enter all information requested (demographic information, dates, title, keywords, advisor(s), abstract, etc.) on the ScholarWorks page.
  4. After you upload the manuscript from your computer, make sure that you can see the file name beside the Browse button before you submit.
  5. If you need to add supplemental content, be sure to select the checkbox under Additional Files. ScholarWorks will provide a screen to upload additional material immediately after you submit the thesis.
  6. Review all information carefully before clicking Submit.
  7. Check your non-UMass email address for a confirmation of your submission from ScholarWorks.

After Submission

  • The Graduate School will review your submission and will contact you concerning any required revisions. If revisions are required, you must revise the original document, reconvert it to PDF, and resubmit it through ScholarWorks. Important: make only those revisions specified by the Graduate School in such cases.
  • To ensure that you receive any communications about revisions, be careful to check the email account associated with your ScholarWorks account. Do not rely on messages forwarded between email accounts.
  • Please allow up to six weeks for the Graduate School to complete the initial review. You will be contacted at the email address provided in ScholarWorks with requests for revisions and/or notification of format approval.
  • When the Graduate School has approved the final version of the thesis, and you have satisfied all other degree requirements, the manuscript will be available to others via ScholarWorks.

All online submissions, forms, paper signatures, and fees are required to be submitted before the deadline date to be included in a degree period.