Kenneth Munth
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Associate Director for Institutional Engagement of IGH - Senior Principal Health Scientist at Cardno ChemRisk
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Dr. Kenneth A. Mundt is an epidemiologist with professional interest and experience in applying epidemiological concepts and methods to understand human health risks from environmental, occupational and consumer product exposures. He has designed, conducted and published numerous epidemiological studies, performed critical reviews and syntheses of the published literature, and is active in the development of methods for integrating evidence across lines of evidence including epidemiology, toxicology and exposure science. Dr. Mundt's evaluations, publications and consulting have explored complex relationships between exposure to chemicals, metals, minerals, air pollutants, tobacco products, pharmaceutical agents, food contaminants, wind turbine emissions, and risk of a broad range of human health outcomes including cancers, reproductive effects, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

Dr. Mundt specializes in the practical application of scientific concepts, methods and evidence in evaluating disease causation, deriving health protective regulations, litigation and other decision-making.